The year 2018 in review

It was a great and successful year with lots of events, exhibitions, excursions and new inspired people who love Botanical Art as much as I do!

Have a very peaceful pre-Christmas time with reflection, inspiration and creativity.

Much love, Katja ❤️


SBA Exhibition at Palmengarten Frankfurt  

It was a huge pleasure to be part and contribute a little bit to this very successful exhibition. See you in two years time. 🌺🎨



The opening event of the exhibition was taking place at the Leubnitz Castle in Saxonia, Germany on November 11, 2017 . Around sixty art enthusiasts came to see forty of my newer and also some of my older graphite and watercolour paintings.
Overall it was a great opening event where people have been  informed about the tradition of botanical art and illustration.
If you got time come and visit the beautiful village of Leubnitz, the impressive castle with it’s stunning Natural History Museum.
My exhibition will be running until February 3, 2018 during the opening hours of the Castle.
It would be absolutely lovely if you would leave a note in the guestbook or send me a message via email or on Facebook, when you have been to see the exhibition 🌺🎨😊



The workshops for the new Spring/Summer term are available now to book at the VHS Bayreuth. Ring them or secure your space online via the VHS webpage. Don’t miss out or your will be disappointed!




VERNISSAGE   “KunstSaat”  XX   AT   THE   ART   SOCIETY   HOF      2016


This years members exhibition of the Hof Art Society is a very special one as it marks it’s 20. Anniversary. I’m very pleased and happy that I was asked to exhibit three of my watercolour paintings at this very special event.

My watercolour painting Dahlia: “Cold Shouldered Diva”.
Watercolour painting of my Anemone.




The exhibition is presenting 137 works from 73 artist at the Gallery at the Theresienstein Hof and is running till 15. January 2017.




Prout teacher moment! Always fantastic to see what talented students I have 😍🎨🌺


img_9496    This workshop was fully booked.

And: Workshops in January and February are booking up fast!




img_9493 img_9510 img_9514 img_9509 img_9506 img_9492

Quince, walnut, rose hip & co.! Autumn and Winter specimens seemed to be the preferred  subject of my students.




A great yearly event where not only art interested people meet. I had a blast showing the crowd again how fabulous botanical art can be.

img_9423                               img_9440

img_9439                                 img_9441


Graphite Workshop   at   the   VHS  Bayreuth  June  2016

A wonderful weekend with very talented students!

I have enjoyed every minute and I’m very happy that I could show them how much fun Botanical Art could be! 🌺🌺

IMG_8227     IMG_8241    IMG_8225     IMG_8234    IMG_8229     IMG_8237   IMG_8243     IMG_8239





Three years in a row – an all time record! The Arum Titanum is in full bloom again at the Botanical Gardens in Bayreuth.

 I went to see it yesterday and I´m glad I have drawn it already. She is beautiful but truly stinks! 😝




IMG_8151Last year and the year before it was its big sister plant who showed its beautiful velvet skirt in Bayreuth.

However, nobody expected it’s little sister to produce a flower this year as well.

What an incredible occasion for the Botanical Gardens in Bayreuth!




I´m such a lucky girl, I am! I am practically not only have the wonderful Bayreuth Botanical Gardens on my doorstep when my little artist heart seeks for inspiration. No. Even the ‘Herbarium UBT’ of the University is my first point of contact and indispensable when it comes to draw scientific studies in detail.

Big thanks to Dr. Ulrich Meve who gave me a tour through his little “kingdom”. Totally elating! 😀


IMG_6623    IMG_6621     IMG_6619

IMG_6618    IMG_6617    FullSizeRender






Over 1300 visitors, potential buyers, new students and contacts as well as countless interesting conversations later I can say that my exhibition at the Bavarian County Garden Show in Bayreuth did not only gave me and my work quite some attention but also put a spotlight onto Botanical Art.


IMG_7633Who also would have thought that I would be faced with serious weather warnings including thunder, lightning, horrendous rain including the closure of the show – twice! Still, even with the unpredictable weather a lot of people including friends and family made the effort to come and see my atwork which I really appreciate.





I can call it a success overall!

Thanks guys! 🌺







As an active member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, I wanted to tell you about our upcoming fundraiser, an On-line Art Auction in which I am a participant. I have 1 piece in the art auction. At the auction site, along with my work “That Hot – Two Chillies”, you will also find work by many other well-known botanical artists from around the world.

Here is the link to see the work for bid:

The Auction opens on April 18th and closes May 29th. It’s a great opportunity to start a collection or add to your existing collection of botanical art. Most art will have beginning bids below the actual value of the art.