In a sense, there’s no such thing as a good or poor botanical painting.  A picture should be pleasing to the eye and stir the emotions of the beholder. Subtle details have the ability to evoke great passion and it is precisely these details, and the precision required in observing and capturing these on paper, that spark Katja Katholing-Bloss’ enthusiasm for her work.

For over a decade the artist, a native of Hof, Germany has lived overseas. Her artistic pursuits took her first to Ross-on-Wye in England then to Sydney, Australia and finally back to the UK. Til her return to Germany in 2015 “KKB”, as she’s affectionately known by her “fans”, taught botanical art at the Hereford College of Technology in England. Her commissioned work has been sold as far afield as Dubai, with a number of her other paintings also in private ownership worldwide.

If Katja Katholing-Bloss were a flower she concedes she’d  have to be either a strelitzia or freesia. She’s fascinated by the simple, straightforward and unalterable form of the strelitzia. These are qualities reflected in her own work, since consistency and rigour are very important to her. And the freesia? It’s simply got to be the fragrance which evokes so many childhood memories. As the daughter of a florist, she grew up in a world filled with strong botanical stimuli which she is able to relay to the observer in glorious detail.

Katja is a fellow member of the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA), the American Society of Botanical Artists (A.S.B.A) as well as the Art Society of Hof/Saale (Germany).

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